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Little Tiffanny was created  by a mother and daughter duo in 2020 as a small business based out of our living room, manufacturing and selling bags on Instagram.

In just over 2 years we have grown and now have a portfolio of over 100 products and a community of more than 5000 on Instagram. This has been the result of a bucketful of learnings while experimenting with new designs and exploring various ideas, without compromising on the quality standards that we strive to achieve. This journey has been fruitful as we have been receiving tonnes of encouraging customer reviews.

In order to create luxury pieces that will last a lifetime in your wardrobe, we work towards skillfully merging recent trends and techniques. 

Little Tiffanny is focused on creating a brand that is built on the needs of its consumers. 

We take pride in promoting slow fashion by offering items that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible. Making things to order helps us use resources wisely and reduce waste to a great extent.

But most importantly, we make every effort to make sure that every single person who orders from us is completely happy with their purchase. This calls for extensive market research and understanding of our target audience, as well as personalization for Indian consumers based on international bestsellers. Offering customization helps us make sure that our brand is inclusive of every size and precisely handcraft as your ideal accessory.

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